Weirdball 72: Buddha Horny


Weirdball is back!!!! With a new focus and a new co-host - Andrew Harms! (And another host on their way from Valhalla by tortoise). This is no longer a podcast about whatever-the-fuck I feel like that week, from now on, it’s about History. We are making fun of the past - the great people, the pivotal events, with guests, and all.

Next week we hit Einstein and his theory of fucking relatives (he married his cuz!)

The Weirdball Podcast - Making History Funny

WB 70: Live From Corazon Comedy Festival

Recorded in St. Augustine.

Featuring the live sketch, Goodbad Momdad


Follow these funny folks in IG:

Bryan Ramey

Alex_Gaspo @Skbegan

Randy Vega played Patrick in the sketch @Funnygingerican

Christina Schever who played Fub @burningkarma

Special thanks to Bryan Viegas for editing.

And to Sareth Ney

The Weirdball Podcast - Making History Funny